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lou's vintage acoustic guitar one-shot kit

This sample pack contains recordings of my vintage acoustic guitar. It has a very soft tone and is mostly used for folk and blues music. I recorded it with an Audio-Technica AT4040 through a Universal Audio Arrow interface. I processed the signal with a UA Neve Preamp, the UA Pultec EQP-1A and the UA Teletronix LA-2A.



you can listen a preview of the sounds here



I purposefully kept a lot of small noises in the recordings as I feel like they make the sound much richer and organic than perfectly recorded sampler instruments you can find elsewhere on the internet. Your Melodies will sound organic and unique!




This pack also comes with 2 previously unreleased samples that were made using this vintage guitar sampler instrument.


lou's vintage acoustic guitar one-shot kit

15,00 €Price
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